Ahhhh, summer… Sun shining high in the sky, waves caressing your feet, mild breeze raffling your curls… and the kid screaming for an hour now ‘’ I want ice cream’’ to its parents… the dark and not very handsome, probably former sumo fighter strolling from person to person, trying to interest you in the things he offers – from a chinese RoleX to ballistic missiles… random people stepping on your towel and sending the gentle sand right into your mouth… all while you are trying to peacefully read your book under the umbrella you paid a small fortune for…

Not your thing?

So go off the beaten track! 

Bulgaria is known for the many places where you can actually skip the crowds and still enjoy nature and have a peaceful vacation. Not all of them are listed on popular tourist websites or have all the comforts of modern civilization and yes, you may get into an adventure that will leave pleasant memories to tell when you’re back. Here is a small fraction of the spots worth visiting in the Burgas region in case you are staying in or near COCO Coworking & Coliving

Aheloy beach with healing mud

Most people will tell you Pomorie is the place to go if you want to experience the once in a lifetime experience of smothering yourself in thick, black, tar-like, salty mud for the sake of beauty and health. Indeed it is a good place to do so, but there is also a place where you can do that without the crowds of Russian tourists, which is right on the back of Pomorie lake at Aheloy beach. The beach is accessible from the parking of Wave resort hotel right outside the town of Aheloy and stretches a few kilometres south right up to the first hotels of Pomorie resort. Fine sand, nice water, enough space and black people coming from behind the dunes separating the beach from the Pomorie salt pans, which constitute quite an interesting view, especially at sunset.  Here is the location and as soon as you pass by the old bomb shelter on the beach you can start looking for your spot.

Antique Thracian tomb near Pomorie

Cultural heritage is one of Bulgaria’s most prized possessions. Pomorie is no exception and here is one of the few places where you can see a fully preserved underground temple built by the Tracian civilization built during the 1st century AD. It is hard to tell if the doughnut-like shaped dome or the hollow time-portal-like central support is more unique inside, but that said you can go and assess for yourself. The region is great for a brief walk and in case you are missing the crowds you can always skip to the nearby Sunset Aquapark in Pomorie. The location is here.

Kara Dere beach

Wild beaches are part of the Bulgarian seaside charm and even though there are just a few of them left, the wildest one – Kara Dere beach near the town of Byala, is just a 50-minute drive away from COCO Coworking&Coliving. The road to it is an adventure in itself as it passes by some intensely contrasting locations like the buzzing summer resort of Sunny Beach, the historical Nessebar and the beautiful road through the final stretch of the Balkan mountain diving into the sea with Cape Emine and its beautiful lighthouse. The final stretch before the beach is a bit of an offroad adventure and in case it is raining it is not appropriate for regular cars. The beach has no buildings on it, no restaurants, no asphalt roads, no drinking water, no internet, no cell phone coverage… nothing but happy campers. To compensate it boasts a 5 kilometre long fine sandy beach with crystal clear water, star filled night sky above and plankton that sparkles around you when you swim at night. This is the location of the nearest spot to enjoy this pearl of nature but in case you have a jeep available you can go further along the dusty roads to explore the other wild camping spots along the beach.  

There are many other hidden treasures in Bulgaria waiting for you to discover once you dare to go off the beaten track. Nearby there is also an Eco Trail, starting just outside the town of Obsor, so follow the link down the rabbit hole to find out more.